Commissioning of suspended foot bridge in Bukiyende Sub County connecting Mbale and Bududa districts

State Minister for Works, Gen Katumba Wamala on Friday 07/09/2018 commissioned a 92-metre suspended foot bridge at the function that took place at Luboolo village in Bukiyende Sub County connecting Mbale and Bududa districts.

The bridge was constructed by Bridges to Prosperity; a US-based non-government organisation in partnership with the government of Uganda.

In December last year, another 90-metre bridge was commissioned in Bukonde Sub-County to help improve residents’ access to services like education, health and other social amenities in the neighboring Sub Counties.

The Minister noted that the Government has so far constructed 3 suspended cable foot bridges in Uganda, all of them in Bugisu sub-region in line with the Government’s commitment of infrastructure development.

“This Government is committed to improving transport and enable residents to access services like education, health and others social amenities like markets in these mountainous areas,” he said.

Mr Katumba said that before the construction of the bridge, the situation in the area was dire because several residents reportedly died while attempting to cross the River Passe on makeshift bridges.

“This is aimed at providing reliable transport infrastructure especially in hard to reach areas,” he said. Gen Katumba added that suspended bridges are safe to use compared to the locally-made bridges.

“With improved infrastructure, there will be enhanced access to markets, health centres, schools and other social amenities, which will contribute to economic development,” he said.

The programme manager Bridge for prosperity, Ms Erica Brandt, said that locals in the area have been facing enormous challenges-especially in terms of transport. “Most communities face accessibility challenges especially during the rainy season because locally made bridges are occasionally washed away but this suspended bridge cannot be damaged by rain. This type of bridge will help locals to transport their goods to markets and access social services like education,” she said.

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